Ocean avenue veterinary hospital is absolutely fantastic! Professional from beginning to end. Staring with the very nice and helpful staff at the front desk, to the thorough and gentle treatment my kitty Cozmo received from the amazing Dr. Padalkar and her extremely kind and caring assistant Rosemary. I can’t speak highly enough about this place and what a great experience I had. Thank you!

Best Vet in town—no doubt!! My dog has been a client here for years & it’s been amazing to have finally found a great vet that I can call day or night for my pup’s needs. Awesome customer service with same-day appointments. Also, if in an emergency & I urgently need to talk to her vet doctor, they are just a phone call away!! I highly recommend checking them out.

Ocean Ave fit us in for their last appointment after our dog aspirated water while swimming. They were so caring and quick. They care about their patients, and it shows. I want them to be our regular vet. Dr. Fady was excellent. Thank you, Ocean Ave Vet.

OAVH is like our family. We drive 30 mins out of SF to get here because we know that our dog will receive the best care and attention from the entire staff. We’ve been to a few vets previously but stopped going after finding OAV because they wouldn’t listen or care about the concerns we had. In the end, we were spending more money because we had to visit multiple times before receiving the correct treatments. When our dog started limping, we called OAVH. After checking the x-rays, they found that she had torn a ligament in her leg. We were absolutely terrified, but the staff here made sure that we had all the information needed. The surgery was extremely successful, and our big girl can run without pain again! About a month after her leg surgery, our dog ended up getting an infection on her gums which ended up needing surgery to repair. Dr. Fady and Dr. Singla showed us so much empathy because we were dealing with a lot at once. Dr. Fady consulted with other vets to ensure it wasn’t too soon to have another surgery and put our pet under anesthesia again. He performed a beautiful “cheek lift” on our pup to fix the gum lining and remove the infection. I can’t say enough about the doctors at OAV, but I also want to call out the front desk team. WOW!!! Whatever I need, whenever I call, they are always ON IT. Medical records? In my email, 2 mins later. Need to ask the doctor a question? Answered by the end of the day. Pet was sick in the office last week? Calls me to find out how the meds are going/how my pet is doing. THANK YOU, OAVH!!! 🙂

I started bringing my dog here last year, and I couldn’t be happier with the service. First of all, Dr. Kim is amazing. She’s so personable and empathetic, and I don’t know her very well, but I can tell that she’s just a great human outside of work. She and the staff always make it very clear in regards to what I will be paying for at the end of my dog’s visit. Dr. Kim is empathetic when it comes to how expensive vet care can be and really emphasizes what my dog needs at that point in time and what can wait until next time.
The front desk staff and vet techs are all so sweet and friendly when it comes to check-in and check-out. I’ve never waited more than 5 minutes to see Dr. Kim (with an appointment, of course). I’ve also never had an issue with getting an appointment in a timely manner.

I’ve had nothing but good experiences here, and unless I move, I will never not take my baby to Ocean Avenue Vet.
Leah G.

Dr. Karanveer and the Ocean Ave Vet team saved my kitten! My kitten was in need of an urgent care appointment, and they took us in in a timely manner! After refusing food and water for over 24hrs in combination with other symptoms, within the first hour of being home with his new treatment, he was back to eating, drinking, and playing!! Coming to Ocean Ave Vet’s supportive and reassuring team was so refreshing!!! Thank you for bringing my kitten back to his normal self!
Diana R.

My boyfriend and I took our two dogs here. It was our first time. We came here for a wellness exam, vaccines, and to check one of our dog’s eyes. Kinley was amazing and had great communication. He really helped our two dogs to stay calm when the Dr. was giving the shots. When I asked about the cost, Kinley told me exactly/around how much, which gave me a better idea of how much everything would be, which was very helpful for me. I forgot what his name was (but I will ask when we see them in 3 weeks), but the doctor was very thorough and answered all the questions we had. Throughout the visit, Kinley and the Dr. told us what was going to happen before they did it, which made us feel better. Overall, it was a good experience for us.
Tori L.