Tips for Safe Swimming for Pets

Your furry friend and you probably want to go swimming to cool off as the summer heat rises. Despite what their name suggests, not all dogs or other animals can “doggy paddle,” so use caution when swimming with your canine companion. Here are five recommendations for keeping your pet safe while swimming.

#1: Provide fresh water to drink
If your thirsty pet enters the pool or another body of water, they are more likely to lap up chemical-laden or contaminated water. Always offer plenty of fresh water to quench your pet’s thirst before and after swimming.

#2: Ensure your pet wears a life vest

If your pet will be in deep water, make sure they are wearing life jackets so they can stay afloat without having to rely solely on their swimming prowess. Put the vest on before getting in the water to give your pet a chance to get used to it.

#3: Never leave your pet unattended in water

Pets can panic when left alone in water, so always keep a watchful eye on your furry pal when they are swimming.

#4: Show your pet how to get out of the pool

When you aren’t home, if your pet falls into the pool, they might not be able to escape on their own. Make sure you have a solid set of stairs your pet can use to exit the pool and that they are familiar with them.

#5: Rinse off your pet after a swim

After a swim in a pool or lake, your pet’s thick fur may become contaminated with chemicals, pathogens, and general dirt and debris. To avoid your pet grooming these contaminants off their body after swimming, thoroughly rinse your pet’s fur.

Accidents can occur near bodies of water, particularly if your furry friend leans in for a drink and is unable to swim. Contact our staff for assistance if your pet has a water-related emergency this summer.